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From the summer collection, seaside collection, classics and even statement collection you're bound to find a fragrance that speaks to your unique personality!

    The Rockaway Candle Co spiraled out of a hobby. During the holiday season of 2015 I was inspired to try my hand in something new - candles, so I made a bunch and gifted them to my friends and family as gifts. I gave one to my friend Tara who owns End Of The A, a local boutique, and she loved them! She decided to purchase a few of my original mason jar, colored wax, style candles and they sold SO FAST! I was utterly shocked. Fast forward to today, they are still the number one selling product in her shop and I have transitioned to doing The Rockaway Candle Co full time. I never thought I would be a business owner but my love of candle making and creating something that is 100% natural and completely sourced from the US makes me so proud to make and sell them to my customers and I hope that you guys are just as happy to own them!

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